USA Communists Give Obama High Marx

Here’s another campaign nod Barack Obama can try to dodge. Check out this editorial at the Communist Party USA website:

The struggle to defeat the ultra-right and turn our country on a positive path will not end with Obama’s election. But that step will shift the ground for successful struggles going forward.

One thing is clear. None of the people’s struggles — from peace to universal health care to an economy that puts Main Street before Wall Street — will advance if McCain wins in November.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.

Isn’t seeking “prizes” something that evil capitalist pigs do? But I digress.

The CPUSA didn’t officially endorse Obama in the editorial, because he’s too slow for them (as Vladimir Lenin said, “communism is just socialism in a hurry”), so they’re looking for somebody more fleet aboot. But the CPUSA does seem to understand that they have to crawl before they can confiscate wealth on behalf of the “common good.”

Author: Doug Powers

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