An Ounce of Convention is Worth a Pound of Cyanide

Two miles from where the Democrat convention will be held the week after next, a “Canadian salesman” was found in a hotel room with a pound of cyanide, and every story I’ve read so far, including this one, is careful to say this: “Foul play is not suspected and his death appears to be an isolated incident.”

Charles at LGF points out that, though the media keeps calling him a “Canadian salesman,” the man is a Muslim — a Somali named Abdirahman Dirie — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

That amount of cyanide is enough to kill hundreds of people. But the media, not to mention the government, wants us to believe that Dirie just had one hell of a rat problem back at home in Ottawa and had to go to Denver to get the poison.

Besides, we wouldn’t want news to get out of a potential terrorist attack at the Democrat convention would we? If I had to guess, Denver authorities have been begged to keep this incident listed as a run-of-the-mill suicide. The last thing the Democrats want is for the focus of their convention to suddenly turn to national security. That would put a bullet through their entire platform, if you’ll pardon the expression. So nope — nothing to see here — just a pound of cyanide and a ton of denial.

Author: Doug Powers

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