Al-Jazeera Be-heading to the Democrat Convention

The Middle Eastern television network Al Jazeera — the Nickelodeon of nutcases and the ESPN of choice for the discerning knife, rocket and belt-bomb jihad sportsmen — will be in Denver covering the Democrats convention later this month. I sure hope they left a forwarding address for Bin Laden’s videotape delivery driver.

The network has been accused of being biased toward, and propagandizing for, of enemies of the United States — but enough about CNN. Back to Al-Jazeera.

The convention coverage will be seen throughout the Middle East, just so terrorists will get an early introduction to the next group of American politicians who will be begging them to kill us last.

The Arab news network, best known for their “two-fer Tuesday” back-to-back airings of classic hits from al-Qaeda and any other unhinged virgin-questing crazy with access to video equipment and a FedEx guy, will be, in part, broadcasting from a bar. That’s right — a bar!

The backdrop for its Aug. 27 broadcast from Golden will be the Buffalo Rose, an iconic bar in the heart of downtown, where the college-educated townies and tattooed Harley riders blow off steam after work.

On Aug. 28, the day of Barack Obama’s speech, an al-Jazeera crew will broadcast from a bar near Invesco Field at Mile High, Golden officials said.

If I had to cover that convention all week, I’d be drinking heavily too, but I didn’t think the Muslim culture took very well to this kind of boozy U.S. decadence — but maybe that’s the intented message that will be sent.

In any case, not all Al-Jazeera reporters will be in a bar:

Another crew will film an American-style barbecue at the home of Golden City Manager Mike Bestor, which boasts spectacular views of Table Mountain.

What do you want to bet that this “American-style barbecue” won’t have pork of any kind?

This whole situation is sounding a little too “Red Dawn” for me — and I’m not even talking about a foreign takeover — I’m talking about the possibility of an Obama presidency with a Democrat majority in Congress.


“What’s going on at the Democrat convention, Jed?”

“I see a bunch of people who are the mouthpiece for those who want to destroy America as we know it… and Al-Jazeera’s there, too.”

Author: Doug Powers

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