Water-gate Conspiracy: Michael Phelps Didn’t Really Win 7th Gold

It’s nice to see that some of the 911 conspiracy loons have found something else to focus on for a while.

“001ofaSecond.com” sorts out everything except their psychological issues in this in-depth report on how Michael Phelps did not win his 7th gold medal. It turns out that the type of timer used to time the race (Omega) is a sponsor of Phelps.

Unfortunately for the conspiracy folks, we also have eyes.

Sports Illustrated has a frame-by-frame of the very end of the race, but who are you going to believe — 001ofaSecond.com or your lying eyes?

My guess is that the poolnuts will end up ranking Sports Illustrated right up there with Popular Mechanics’ debunking of the 911 conspiracies.

Incidentally, the guy who Phelps beat doesn’t seem to think there’s a conspiracy — which obviously means he’s a part of the conspiracy!

I don’t want to point this out, but you do realize that President Bush met with the U.S. swim team prior to the events, don’t you? Hmm…

And get this — not to add fuel to the conspiracy fire, but I saw this picture late last week of the Olympic pool in Beijing and added an arrow pointing to something that struck me as peculiar:


Now let’s do a close-up of the little window where the arrow is pointing:


I knew it!

Author: Doug Powers

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