Monday’s Column: Obama ‘Fits the Suit’

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily contains the unthinkable: A Brady Bunch reference in relation to a presidential candidate and his running-mate.

Barack Obama has always reminded me of a character — a publicists creation named “Johnny Bravo.” Who’s Johnny Bravo and what does that have to do with Obama and Biden? Read “Johnny Bravo chooses a sartor” for the whole story.

Email update: Laura D. has a good recollection that ties in with something I wrote:

Your statement “What good is a member of Congress who can’t spot a lie that isn’t theirs?” reminded me of a recent comment by Bill Daley (yes, of the Chicago political crime family):

“I assume Clinton actually believed it when a lot of supers said privately they would be with her. But why would you believe them? They are politicians!”

And John M. educates me on Chicago gangs and Obama:

You’ve made a good case showing the only real qualities this candidate has, and his entire lack of preparation to be a senator from Illinois, far less a president, even of a small, dictatorial country.

I would suggest you retract that comment about being attacked by the south side of Chicago, I lived on the west side for some ten years, from 67 to 76, and the “south side” was attacking the United States during that whole time. We had “gangs” organized to keep “south side gangs” from entering our neighborhoods and stealing our bikes and everything else not nailed down, and the most interesting part of it was the makeup of our “gang”.

We were probably the only Italian, Irish, Scots, Polish, German, “gang” in the history of gangs, probably because we all had been targeted by the invading gangs. Obama is not qualified to be president especially if we are attacked by the “south side of Chicago”, he would be leading the charge.

Author: Doug Powers

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