The Penn is Mightier: What is ‘World Peace’?

Penn and Teller try to answer the above question in an episode of their Showtime program that should be required viewing for everybody from school kids to nursing home residents: “Bullshit!”

Below is the first third of the half-hour show. Click here to view the other two parts. (there’s a bit of harsh language in it so don’t play it around sensitive ears)

If you do nothing else, speed up to about 2:23 in and watch Penn catch up with peacenik actards Martin Sheen and Mike Farrell and ask them what “world peace” means to them. Naturally they believe it has something to do with “love,” but in the second clip of the show, Teller points out something that would put Sheen’s boxers in a wad: World peace has nothing to do with love — it’s about money, business and financial interdependence:

(h/t LGF)

Author: Doug Powers

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