Fred Gets it Done

For those of you who missed it, below is Fred Thompson’s speech to the Republican convention last night, and it was a good one.

The descriptions of what McCain’s been through in his life and what he sacrificed, even when he didn’t have to, drew huge distinctions between the experience (both life and political) and character of McCain and his opponent — and the beauty of it was that Thompson didn’t even need to mention the name of McCain’s opponent.

There were direct references, but no names. “John McCain knows about ‘hope’ — that’s all he had.”

Thompson also answered some McCain critics with one sentence: “Being a POW doesn’t qualify you to be president, but it does reveal character.”

The talking heads dismissed Fred’s speech as “red meat for the base” — but what else should we expect from vegetarians?

It was pretty much a home run:

Update: Almost even better than Fred, check out Newt Gingrich dressing down an MSNBC reporter who questioned Palin’s qualifications. Too good to miss.

Author: Doug Powers

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