Notes Prior to Palin’s Convention Speech

I’ll probably have few thoughts on Palin’s speech later tonight, time permitting, so check back if possible and hit “refresh” for any new post on that topic. Maybe I’ll incorporate some sort of “liberal fury meter” or some such thing in order to gauge the pressure of the Democrat ear steam.

You’ve got to love this hunk of “in your face unwavering public support for family in spite of strife” from the Palins: The father Bristol Palin’s daughter will be at the convention.

Secondly, I know the term “must read” is thrown around a lot, and frankly, with the possible exception of parachute instructions, there’s no such thing. But if you get a chance check out Peggy Noonan’s WSJ piece on Sarah Palin, “A clear and present danger to the American left.”

And here’s a video of Palin speaking to students at her one-time church. I’m linking to this not for what Palin says, but for this comment by the person who posted it: “She is nuts. When asked if her daughter would be raped and impregnated by raper, she said she would choose life. With capital punishment, she said rapist should die. So the kid is allowed to be born and his dad is executed– what kinda family values is that????” Yes, I believe this moron is really serious.

All I can say about tonight and subsequent days is this: Cover yourself with a tarp like you’re in the in the front row of a Gallagher concert, because the left is going to soil themselves (after all, people in the final stages of death often lose bowel control) and then throw a most of that excrement at the right.

But until the speech starts, enjoy the best reporter goof of either convention. “One for the history books” indeed:

Author: Doug Powers

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