France Flying White Flags at Half Staff

nullFrench workers are in a daze! The government mandated 35-hour work week in France has been scrapped.

People having lots of free time and tons of vacation days proved to be tough on the economy — go figure.

France originally limited the work week to 35 hours in an attempt to lower the unemployment rate. The thinking, or lack thereof, behind it was this: Any overtime would force an employer to hire more staff instead of just pay fewer people to work longer.

If that sounds like a good idea, consider this: If making up ground on a high unemployment rate can be solved by lowering the number of hours worked per person, at what point does that become a stupid idea (hint: at any point, as the French discovered).

If 35 hours a week doesn’t lower the unemployment rate enough, assume that the next great idea in socialist theory will be to have a 20 hour per week maximum… then ten hours… then five hours. The decline in working hours will continue until nobody is working at all — Somehow, in their minds, this would achieve full employment.

And there are people who want to try this in the U.S. Sacre bleu!

Author: Doug Powers

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