Heil Palin! Part II

The “Hitler” stuff continues to follow Palin around. Hey, at least this is taking some of the heat off Bush.

The newest lie is that, in 1996, Palin “ordered” the Wasilla Public Library to ban a bunch of books. The real funny part? Many of the books Palin supposedly tried to have removed from libraries in 1996 were published after 1996. Libs have never been very good at formulating a convincing lie, and this is just another example.

There’s even a commentary on Obama’s official website peddling this lunacy.

Wow, for a mayor and governor of what the left paints as an irellevant, out of the way state that doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things, Palin sure wielded Hitleresque control over the universe, didn’t she?

The left is really going to end up overplaying their hand on this one. After more and more of these lies are debunked, even some of the least inquisitive among us may end up asking themselves, “What are Democrats so afraid of?” The question answers itself.

Update: I must apologize. The following photo does indeed clearly vindicate the left’s accusation:


Author: Doug Powers

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