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I’m writing this post in the knowledge that the subject matter is of a sensitive nature — at least I believe it to be. I’ve lost a daughter so I don’t like to speak of somebody else who lost a daughter in a flippant or disrespectful manner concerning anything that is essentially in reference to their loss. But this isn’t really about the daughter and wife Sen. Joe Biden lost in a car crash in 1972 as much as it is about Joe Biden.

A while back I was approached via email by an American residing in Australia who was pointed in my direction by a mutual writer friend in Virginia. The man in Australia, who has an impressive resume that checks out, claimed to have a big story about Joe Biden — much of which I haven’t yet corroborated so I won’t go into it.

The story is one that will require more research than I may be capable of, but it certainly is interesting. Like I said, I won’t go into details or allegations because I simply do not want to rumor monger, especially about somebody who lost a good portion of his family in one day — but I thought I’d mention this just in case something more comes of the story in the next couple of months.

Frankly, I dismissed the allegation completely at first, but there are oddities surfacing that have something to do with the overall picture that was drawn for me.

One of the strange facts is contained in this story from the Wilmington News Journal earlier this month. A police investigation found that the man who was driving the other car that killed Biden’s wife and daughter in 1972 had not been drinking that day, but since, on at least two occasions and as recent as last year, Biden has referred to the driver of the other car, who “drank his lunch” or “was drinking instead of driving.”

Why would Biden say this on at least two occasions if it’s clearly not true? What’s to gain, or hide for that matter, by slandering the driver of the other car (who died in 1999)? This has a little something to do with the information I was approached with — and continue to receive.

In any case, remember that if you hear some other news about Joe Biden in coming days, weeks, months or years, you heard it here first without really hearing it here first.

In a kind of unrelated observation, here’s a little snip from the story linked above quoting the man who was Delaware’s chief deputy attorney general in 1972 on the man driving the other car who hadn’t been drinking:

“If it were some part of a cause of the accident, there would have been a charge, simply because if you’re driving under the influence and kill someone in the process — whether it’s the wife of a U.S. senator or anybody else — there’s going to be a charge,” he said.

Has this guy ever heard of Ted Kennedy? The only thing Ted was charged with was “leaving the scene of an accident.” This isn’t the kind of “charge” the above statement is referring to no doubt. So no, drunk drivers are not always charged with reckless homicide — especially if that drunk driver is a U.S. Senator.

High level politicians can get away with a lot, which is unfortunately the moral of many stories.

Author: Doug Powers

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