Actors Encourage Apathetic Morons to Vote

Shortly before the Revolutionary War, one-third of the colonists were for independence, one-third were content with the British tax system and left-side-of-the-road travel, and one-third were neutral or completely unaware of what was going on.

Naturally, for a nation seeking direction, the wise thing to do would be to try and base a course of action on the last second thoughts or whims of that latter third, right?

Thanks in part to Hollywood, this is how Democrats try to handle elections. If you don’t have an opinion, just ask an actor! Which brings us to the latest liberal drivel to come from Hollywood.

Given the fact that the first couple of minutes of the first star-studded announcement posted below is a tongue-in-cheek “don’t bother to vote,” and given that its target-audience is apathetic morons who don’t care who’s running the world unless Usher tells them they should, my greatest hope is that the target-audience gets distracted by MTV’s Real World and clicks away before these “celebrities” get to the meat of the message (or, if you’re vegetarian, to the hearty salad of the message).

As a result, with any luck, that “don’t vote” mantra will stay stuck rattling around in their heads next to the Halo 3 cheat codes.

Why is it that every movement that has the intention of rallying the lazy, dumb, apathetic and video game distracted is a Democrat push? I guess the question answers itself. Actually “the dipshit factor” is one of the greatest challenges for any pollster, because they’re never quite sure how many idiots will be mobilized by Halle Berry on any given day (there are too many unknown variables in the equation, such as what top she’ll be wearing).

Voting simply because Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx and Leo DiCaprio begged you to should be considered a form of vote fraud because it’s disenfranchising those who had the audacity to have given a damn in the first place.

“Let sleeping dogs lie… and don’t disturb the undecided voters sleeping next to the dogs,” I always say.

“You have to register to vote. You know that, right?” Good Lord…

Update: Equal time…

Here’s something similar, but this is what the above video would have looked like had they been free to say what they really mean:

“I’m voting Democrat because…”

Author: Doug Powers

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