Larry Flynt: Still Smutty After All These Years

Larry Flynt, who refuses to cease being politically active until hell is made handicapped accessible, must have been feeling left out of this election year, so he decided to do something about it by producing a porn flick starring somebody who looks like Sarah Palin:

The Hustler founder and freedom of speech advocate has produced an X-rated movie using an adult-film actress who resembles the Republican vice presidential candidate.

There are some suggested titles for the movie at — including “Veep Throat,” “Railin’ Palin” and “Alaskan Drilling.”

I’d throw in my own suggestions for titles, but I loathe Larry Flynt, so I won’t say that he should call the movie something like “Juneau How I Like It,” “Yukon Pornelius Does Wasilla,” “The Rim Reaper,” “Bare-a-cuda” or “Field Dressing a Bruce.”

Nope, I refuse to participate in this kind of filth.

Author: Doug Powers

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