Stabenow Votes ‘No’: Re-Thinking My Bailout Position

Here’s a list of the 25 Senators who voted “no” on the newest bailout plan:

Allard (R)
Barasso (R)
Brownback (R)
Bunning (R)
Cantwell (D)
Cochran (R)
Crapo (R)
DeMint (R)
Dole (R)
Dorgan (D)
Enzi (R)
Feingold (D)
Inhofe (R)
Johnson (D)
Landrieu (D)
Nelson (FL) (D)
Roberts (R)
Sanders (I)
Sessions (R)
Shelby (R)
Stabenow (D)
Tester (D)
Vitter (R)
Wicker (R)
Wyden (D)

One of my Senators, Debbie Stabenow, voted against the bailout? I never agree with Stabenow.

Maybe she didn’t like the new legislation because it provides a legal bailout for husbands caught with hookers (And why wouldn’t they put it in there? This is Congress we’re talking about).

In any case, this is causing me to reconsider my position, big time. I would have voted the same as Debbie Stabenow? Yikes.

I’ll have to find out the real reason she voted “no.” The amount to be confiscated from taxpayers probably didn’t meet her minimum threshold.

Author: Doug Powers

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