Michael Moore Parody: Reviews of ‘An American Carol’

Hopefully I’ll get around to seeing David Zucker’s parody of Man-Boobs Moore, “An American Carol,” before too long. Since I get to the movie theater about as often as Halley’s Comet-like swings through the neighborhood, I’ll probably not catch it until the DVD comes out.

If you haven’t seen it and are curious, Pam Meister has a review at Family Security Matters.

Cassy Fiano also reviews the movie here.

I’m not going to link to “professional” movie reviewers, because so many of them are liberal schmucks (Roger Ebert comes to mind) who will hate the movie because, in part, liberal schmucks are the butt of the joke. A liberal critiquing An American Carol is like a chicken reviewing KFC.

I was concerned when I heard that an Airplane-esque approach would be taken toward Michael Moore, because making a parody of a parody is damn near impossible, but from the sound of things, Zucker manages to mostly pull it off.

Here’s a montage of trailers from the movie that opened Friday:

Author: Doug Powers

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