Another Fineman Mess: The Obama/Lincoln Connection

Writing for Newsweek, Howard Fineman does more blind reaching than a pervert at a peepshow during a power outage by trying to find ways that Barack Obama deserves to be viewed as Lincolnesque.

Unless Lincoln attended a political event in the home of William Quantrill and later denied knowing anything about him, I don’t see many other potential similarities.

For starters, the words “hope” and/or “change” aren’t even mentioned in The Gettysburg Address — you’d think that one of the most famous speeches in the history of our country would provide at least one link between the two men.

They’re both from Illinois? Too vague, Mr. Fineman. Jack Benny and Quincy Jones also came from Illinois — does that make them Lincolnesque?

They’re both lawyers? Sure, but that would mean that nearly half of Congress is Lincolnesque. Stop laughing.

Sorry Howard, I’m failing to get your connection. Nice try though. Now let’s talk about how much John McCain has in common with George Washington.

Update: I just thought of a common thread between Lincoln and Obama: Facilitating emancipation. We all know Lincoln helped end slavery, but Obama has also had a hand in emancipating many, many people. Because of his pro-abortion stance — even live-birth abortions — Obama has helped ensure that thousands and thousands of children are never enslaved. Just like… uh… Lincoln did.

Author: Doug Powers

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