Brother Can You Spare a Debt Clock?

The National Debt Clock in Manhattan was put up in 1989 when the national debt was about $3 trillion. Once the debt exceeded $10 trillion, they ran out of digits, so the dollar sign was removed to make room for another number.

Now that the national debt is going up faster than Michael Jackson’s blood pressure while reading Boys Life, a new clock with room for two extra digits will be put up next year. This isn’t a reason to be optimistic. I can’t help but wonder how much the new clock costs, and how much is being added to the national debt to pay for it. Maybe it can be included in the bailout plan.

Below is the sad, sad story behind the national debt clock taken from a CNN story.

Bonus challenge: Count the number of digs at Ronald Reagan vs. the number of shots at a Congress that doesn’t exactly possess historical innocence in this mess:

Author: Doug Powers

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