Obama Trek

Last night I finally decided to try that “do a shot whenever John McCain says the words ‘my friends'” game, and it was a bad idea. I didn’t realize how much he said that. Ouch.

How was the debate? Each day all I do is remember things I wrote when the nomination process was in full-swing and shortly thereafter: GOP voters made a huge mistake in securing the nomination for McCain. But it’s too late to complain about that now.

Anyway, as for how Obama did at last night’s debate, as I write this there’s an episode of Star Trek on TV that sums up how Obama sounded to me not only last night, but during his entire campaign.

The episode is called “The return of the Archons.” In the show, there’s an entity known as Landrieu who spouts things with which we’re most familiar these days.

Quiz: Did this line come from Star Trek, or an Obama ad?

“You will be absorbed…your individuality will merge into the unity of good. And in your submergence into the common being of the Body, you will find contentment, fulfillment. You will experience absolute good.”

Of course, later on you just knew that virtually everybody must be oppressed in some way “for the good of the Body.” And you know what? The same thing happened in the Star Trek episode.

The Body ends up being a phony, computerized pre-programmed nothing and short-circuits at the end. We’ll see how it ends up for Obama.

There are other Trek references that come to mind with the Obama campaign. Even the “hand signal of hope and progress” was stolen from a Star Trek episode.

I’ll stop writing about this now before I’m categorized as a Trekkie and get a message from William Shatner similar to this one:

Author: Doug Powers

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