ACORN’s Cowboys Disenfranchised

The professional vote fraud organization ACORN is throwing some serious Hail Mary’s these days. Authorities in Nevada raided ACORN’s Las Vegas offices and found that those folks are big Dallas Cowboys fans — and the Dallas Cowboys are big Obama supporters — much to the surprise of some of the Dallas Cowboys.

The people at ACORN are accused of submitting fraudulent voter registration cards in Nevada for the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.

Word is that ACORN tried something similar here in Michigan with the Detroit Lions starting lineup, but the registration cards were intercepted by the McCain campaign before they could be delivered to the Secretary of State.

In spite of all this evidence of Democrat fraud, if Obama loses next month, guess which party will be the one accused of widespread vote fraud?

The Cowboys had better be careful that ACORN never gains access to their laundry room, or who knows what we might see this Sunday…


Author: Doug Powers

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