Isn’t It Ironic: Hollywood Edition

The vast majority of the Hollywood elite, from directors to actors to producers, are liberals who back the political candidates who admit they have the intention of raising taxes on the “rich.” Some Hollywood libs even beg to pay more taxes (vacuous Chavez-loving hypocrite Sean Penn comes to mind).

Given that, you’d think there wouldn’t be such a big competition between about 40 of these United States to woo Hollywood to produce movies in their states via huge tax incentives. The truth is that there wouldn’t be such competition if Hollywood wasn’t taking states up on the offers in order to avoid paying the taxes they claim to want to gladly pay to the U.S. government.

How much higher are your taxes these days just so your state can subsidize a Tinseltown big business that claims big business should pay higher taxes? Here are some details. It’s the same “corporate welfare” that the Hollywood left decries — unless that corporation is the one producing their movie.

It’s no wonder “smoke and mirrors” is always a large staple in any Hollywood production budget.

Author: Doug Powers

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