Plumber Exposes Obama’s Cracks

Pam Meister at Family Security Matters has an interesting interview with plumber Joe Wurzelbacher, the man whose question Barack Obama answered with his now famous “we’re going to spread the wealth around” (video here).

This response offered a rare point-blank honest glimpse into Obama’s real socialist intentions, and Mr. Wurzelbacher didn’t like what he heard. Wurzelbacher didn’t allow himself to be intellectually bought-off — and this could spell trouble for Obama if enough blue-collar voters are as bright as Wurzelbacher.

Here’s the point that Barack Obama fails to grasp, and it’s potentially politically fatal: Most people in this country want to do better for themselves and their families, and when you tell people who are addressing concerns about how they can earn and keep more of their money by saying that you’re going to “spread the wealth,” you’re telling them that you’re going to take the money they earn and give it to somebody else. This is a dumb thing for a politician to admit to working people. Obama must have been sick the day they taught human nature at Harvard.

“We’re gonna spread the wealth” should be a frightening proclamation to all self-sufficient, motivated people with an I.Q. over 70. The fact that it isn’t provides evidence that there aren’t nearly enough voters with those aforementioned qualities.

But at least on this one trip to the plate, Obama swung for the class-envy fence… and struck out.


Update: If you need something on your toast in the morning, try Obama’s Wealthspread.

Author: Doug Powers

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