Messiahs Raise the Roof

Today’s “Image of Jesus spotted on…” story comes courtesy of a weight loss clinic in Kansas.

I’ll have to re-read Revelations, because I don’t remember it saying anything about the return of Jesus having anything to do with a water stain on a ceiling tile.

“He came the first time in isolation; He will come the second time accompanied by a great host of angels and redeemed humans…” But first He’ll need to weigh in at the clinic.

Click on the picture to go to the video:


There’s been a rash of these stories lately. Earlier in the week, somebody spotted the Messiah in a light on the ceiling in the Chicago headquarters of ACORN. Here’s that picture:



Okay, it’s time to go tailgating before the Michigan State/Ohio State game. Good day all, and go Spartans! Hey, is that Jesus I see on the MSU helmet?

Author: Doug Powers

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