Monday’s Column: The Swift-Plungering of Joe the Plumber

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is about the left’s attempt to stifle the man who has come to be known as “Joe the Plumber.” Joe had the audacity to address a concern that forced Barack Obama to spill his real intentions to the whole country, and he must be stopped — Joe that is.

The problem is that Obama’s way would mean that people like Joe might as well give up on their goals and just sit back and collect, which reminded me of the subject of a classic Ayn Rand novel.

Give a read to “Joe the Plumber Shrugged” for the whole story.

By the way, I had what I considered a good line in there to describe Obama’s heat-of-the-moment, show-stopping “slip” that revealed his true feelings — about an Atheist who yells “Oh God!” during an orgasm — but it was edited out. I didn’t find it too controversial or unseemly, but I guess somebody did.

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Note: Tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll have a new column in the American Thinker.

Author: Doug Powers

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