Alec Baldwin Explains to Lib Friends That You Can Touch Palin Without Losing Fingers

Gee, it sounds to me like Alec Baldwin must have been taking some abuse from his liberal friends for being civil, and yes, even having a sense of humor alongside Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.

Baldwin explains without appeasing liberal whims. Watch out, Alec — they’re going to strip you of your libtard stripes if you keep this up.

By the way, Chevy Chase thinks Palin bombed. That’s right — Chevy Chase thinks Palin bombed. Has this guy seen any of his movies in the past 20 years? Everybody knows that sometimes people are stuck with the material that’s written for them — somebody who starred in Cops & Robbersons and Funny Money should understand that better than anyone.

I love how the Huffington Post words the introduction: “Access Hollywood landed an interview with Chevy Chase.” Yeah, I’m sure that was difficult.

“Hello Mr. Chase. I’m the producer of Access Hollywood, and w…”

“I’ll do it! Hey, how’d you get my number?”

“Uh, it’s on a billboard on Hollywood Boulevard.”

Bonus idiocy: The new ad features a talking moose head castigating Palin. Pump another round into that f*#%#ng thing, Sarah — it’s still moving.

Author: Doug Powers

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