New Laughable Democrat Tactic: Anti-American is a ‘Heritage’

Biden came out of hidin’ yesterday to prove that he should have kept himself scarce.

It sounds like Dem strategists came up with a new ridiculous angle to cover McCain and Palin’s bashing of Obama’s past radical associations, and Biden’s trumpeting it shamelessly:

“If it’s about the economy, talk about the economy, not about Barack Obama’s heritage,” he thundered to a crowd at the University of Northern Colorado.

If you come from a leftist background with anti-American “friends,” that’s now your “heritage”?

Biden’s not alone in his pitiful attempts to cover for his running-mate’s failings, because “socialist” is now apparently a code word for “black.” Sure… I know that whenever I call Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and Margaret Sanger “socialist” I’m really calling them “black.” Wait. Huh?

Bet of the day: How long will it be between the time Joe Biden finds out India is undertaking a lunar mission and he makes a “Dunkin’ Donuts on the moon” crack? Put me down for six hours.

Author: Doug Powers

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