Republican Obamaniacs and the Hope Syndrome

nullThere are plenty of Republicans, or at least some who claim to once have fallen under the umbrella of that title, who have endorsed Barack Obama. Colin Powell, Christopher Buckley, and just yesterday, the pitiful turncoat of a former Bush spokesman Scott McClellan. And there are many, many more.

In some circles, these people are reported as “conservatives,” but this is patently false. Anybody who would endorse the Senate’s most liberal member is by definition not a conservative and should even be stripped of any remaining “Republican” stripes as well.

They’re all doing it for various reasons — whether it’s because they’re attempting to appear pragmatic, open-minded, accepting, not wanting to be called “racist” or sick and tired of being called “Uncle Tom” — but the most universal reason is the saddest of all: Most of these “Republicans” are fooling themselves to the degree that they actually believe that on November 5th, the day after the election, liberals will actually keep liking them forever and ever.

I haven’t seen this many delusional Republicans since somebody slipped LSD into the Mimosas at a Heritage Foundation convention.

Endorsing a candidate from another party is acceptable, but doing it for the neurotic reason of incited atonement under the false promise of eternal brotherhood is indeed pitiful. I keep picturing these “Republicans” smiling happily as they climb aboard a spacecraft unwittingly clutching their “To Serve Man” books.

What we’re witnessing is a somewhat watered-down version of The Oslo Syndrome in American drag — call this The Hope Syndrome — and as of yet there is no known cure.

Update: Dr. Charles Krauthammer opines wonderfully on this same subject here.

Author: Doug Powers

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