The Obama Infomercial: A Very Brief Analysis

Did you see any of the Obama infomercial last night? It didn’t turn out exactly the way I envisioned it, but it got pretty close.

Here’s part one. Isn’t it funny how “middle America” is mocked and ridiculed by the bi-coastal elite when they’re not ignoring it altogether, but these same liberals always open their ads reveling in the abject beauty that is middle America as if it’s the heart, soul and backbone of the nation? Too many of us fall for the faux love.

And I noticed that the “$250,000 per year and over” line for people who are the only ones who will see tax increases has been magically lowered to $200,000 per year (Biden had already lowered the threshold to $150,000). Before you know it, it’ll be knocking on Joe the Plumber’s bank account.

What I just couldn’t get past had nothing to do with the content of the infomercial — or lack thereof — it was the Oval Office replica Obama was speaking in, hoping it would make him appear more presidential:


It doesn’t work for me.

Every time I see things like this…


…I just can’t help but think of this:


Author: Doug Powers

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