New Word: Obamacide

Not only does the creation of a hopeless dependency culture breed pitiful indigent lemmings who some days are too lazy to even suck the public teet, but it also can lead to suicidal depression where the decedents are now actually leaving the dependency to their family in their will:

EL PASO – The man who jumped 60 feet to his death from the Spaghetti Bowl left a note with a message for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

The note that was found in the man’s car read, “Obama, take care of my family.”

I’m going to start calling this “Obamacide,” and if Obama is elected president, it will become an epidemic.

If this poor man really wanted to take care of his family, the last person he’d ask to do so is Barack Obama, whose brother lives in Kenyan squalor, and whose Aunt lives in a housing project near Boston.

If I ever ask somebody to take care of my family, I’m going to narrow the list of potentials down to people who can first take care of their own family.


Suicide: The intentional taking of one’s own life.

Obamacide: The intentional taking of somebody else’s life after the intentional taking of your own life.

Author: Doug Powers

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