Rush In-Depth

The UK’s Telegraph has published an interesting behind-the-scenes story about Rush Limbaugh.

What makes this essay an anomaly more than anything is the fact that the author obviously didn’t set out with a preconceived negative angle — a true rarity for a mainstream media outlet covering an American conservative.

I came close to meeting Rush once, but ended up only chatting with his security guy. I was on Glenn Beck’s radio show at Rockefeller Center a while back, and Rush was in New York that week, preparing for his broadcast in the next studio over. Nobody was getting in there — not even Ryan Seacrest, who was so upset about it that he refused to sit through my impromptu audition for American Idol.

I found out later that I just missed Rush, because he came over to talk to Glenn shortly after I’d left (I missed out in my haste for a hot dog). I always regretted not getting the chance to meet him.

Whether you agree or disagree with Rush Limbaugh, there’s no denying that he’s a radio legend with a knack for avoiding writers with designs on hitting him up for a large loan.

Author: Doug Powers

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