Huizenga: Obama Administration Won’t Be Dolphin-Safe

Economist Arthur Laffer says that the age of prosperity is over, and as evidence, we’re seeing a potential Obama presidency chasing off its first businessman: Wayne Huizenga wants to sell the Miami Dolphins before Barack Obama takes office and raises capital gains taxes:

“I’d rather give it to charity than to him.”

That’s the problem Mr. Huizenga — a socialist can’t tell the difference.

Check out the article on this subject in the Miami Sun-Sentinel. Huizenga says he wants to sell before capital gains taxes are doubled, or close to it. But the newspaper made sure to put a disclaimer of hope right under the headline before the story even starts: “Obama campaign disputes these figures.”

I have never seen the media spin doctoring for a candidate like they do for Obama. It’s as if we already have “state newspapers” doing the bidding for Il Duce.

But the optimist in me can see some light in all this: If the capital gains tax threat can make William Clay Ford sell the Detroit Lions, it will seriously cushion the blow of an Obama presidency.

Oath of Office Revision — Update: Take Election Day Off Work for Barack

Having just listened to this 2001 recording of Barack Obama discussing the Constitution, I’ve decided that some revisions on the Presidential Oath of Office will be required should Obama win the election.

Here’s the original oath:


A couple of swipes with an eraser and it’s perfect for Obama to recite while he’s assuming the presidency as a liberal majority in Congress waits in the wings foaming at the mouth:



Update: The new national “shirk ethic” under Obama is starting earlier than I suspected. His campaign is already urging people not to work — Take Election Day off for Barack:

Dying Industry Overwhelmingly Supports Obama

Traditional newspapers — from their ownership to editorial boards — are notoriously liberal. This is no secret. As a matter of fact, about two-thirds of all mainstream newspapers have endorsed Barack Obama.

The newspaper industry is also in the throes of a huge circulation decline. Their business is dying. This is due in part to a “new media” that they fail to understand and can only stare at in confused amazement with their heads cocked to the side like golden retrievers listening to a Steven Hawking lecture, and in part because they possess the business acumen and human nature awareness of, well, liberals.

The San Francisco Chronicle and the Miami Herald, to name only two, have seen declines in circulation of 7% and 11.8% respectively. Both endorsed Obama.

There are a few exceptions, but in general, an industry that embraces, promotes and practices antiquated and historically discredited liberal policies are watching their industry go down the toilet. Anybody who believes this to be merely a coincidence is not only fooling him or herself, but probably also sits on the editorial board of The New York Times.

That they are trying to convince the rest of the country to follow suit would be laughable if they weren’t so damn serious about it.

Monday’s Column: Obama Springs a Leak

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is a bit of a departure from the “normal” commentary style usually used, and is more of a parable.

It started as a shorter post here a few days ago, and I thought it deserved to be expanded and explored just a bit further. For a short story containing just one hypothetical example of the shoddy nature of socialism, give a read to “Obama’s leaky plumbing.”

You can help spread the word by giving it a Digg here.

McCain Needs to Stop Putting on Ayers, Focus Elsewhere

According to Rasmussen, half of all voters believe that the William Ayers issue has harmed the campaign… the McCain campaign. Is this a nation full of lucid thinkers or what?

It’s been known for a long time that the public in general doesn’t care about William Ayers — or even the Reverend Wright. Hell, even if this is true they won’t care. There are still those on the right who believe that McCain should hit harder on Obama’s Wright association, but I’m not sure that would make a difference either.

Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as “anti-American” anymore — there is only a “New Patriotism” — and that’s a movement that seems to be growing in popularity, and it’s going to get us all killed. Even worse, it might impede the printing and delivery of our next government check.

This is where McCain should be striking, as at this point it’s the only way to make an impression on total dipshits.

With Obama as president and a Democrat majority in Congress, the defense budget will be cut by 25% in order to help pay for the pie-in-the-sky slew of new programs, not the least of which is “free” health care.

McCain needs to hammer on this issue and state that he considers military and “nuclear deterrence” programs to be the best health care program the government can possibly provide. And to get the vacuous dingbats on board whose entire world consists of what they see reflected in their bathroom mirror, point out that if we’re attacked and their mailman is killed, they absolutely will not be getting their next government check, and that includes the one earmarked for their health care.

This should be the closer to a series of new McCain ads: “What good is Head Start, free prescription drugs and well-child exams to a smoldering pile of ashes formerly known as an American family? In a dangerous world, we need a strong military — your health and Social Security check depends on it.”

In the meantime, Obama’s inaugural speech is already written. The guy doesn’t lack for confidence, I’ll give him that much.

Somewhat unrelated feelgood story of the day: Oliver Stone’s extended version of a cartoonish SNL skit called “W” is going to lose money.

Palin Leaves Painful Legace

The most evil and bloodthirsty Republican since Ronald Reagan has claimed yet another victim:

Blues goalie Manny Legace left after one period Friday night with a hip injury that occurred when he slipped on the carpet placed on the ice for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Legace may have more than the injury to worry about — if he keeps up this kind of talk he might be in for a Joe the plumber-style rectal exam:

Legace didn’t blame Palin for the injury.

“She’s been pretty good for our game,” Legace said. “I’m starting to like her more and more. No grudge.”

Watch your back, Manny — a slapshot might be comin’ your way from the Obamaniacs in the mainstream media.

A Fond Teen Memory Skates Away

Younger people these days (God I feel old when I say that) are often shocked to discover that there were music videos before MTV came into existence and almost singlehandedly ruined rock music. This has come full circle, because now I’m not sure if there are music videos on MTV anymore.

One of the first pre-MTV music videos on television I can remember watching with my friends was “Skateaway” by Dire Straits. The star of the video, which came out in 1980, was a woman named Jayzik Azikiwe — who played the part of “Roller Girl.”

I read this morning that Azikiwe died in Gambia earlier this year, and now I’m starting off the weekend knowing that a small part of my teenage years has skated away never to return:

French Surrender En Masse to Obama

Only one-percent of people in France want John McCain to be elected president. This news disappointed me just a bit.

The reason I was disappointed is because I prefer that my candidate for U.S. president have ZERO percent French support, but we can’t have everything.

Do you find it as troubling as I do that 78 percent of the population of a nation that worships Jerry Lewis and instinctively puts their arms in the air when a car backfires are convinced that Barack Obama is the best equipped to be the most powerful man in the world?

Republican Obamaniacs and the Hope Syndrome

nullThere are plenty of Republicans, or at least some who claim to once have fallen under the umbrella of that title, who have endorsed Barack Obama. Colin Powell, Christopher Buckley, and just yesterday, the pitiful turncoat of a former Bush spokesman Scott McClellan. And there are many, many more.

In some circles, these people are reported as “conservatives,” but this is patently false. Anybody who would endorse the Senate’s most liberal member is by definition not a conservative and should even be stripped of any remaining “Republican” stripes as well.

They’re all doing it for various reasons — whether it’s because they’re attempting to appear pragmatic, open-minded, accepting, not wanting to be called “racist” or sick and tired of being called “Uncle Tom” — but the most universal reason is the saddest of all: Most of these “Republicans” are fooling themselves to the degree that they actually believe that on November 5th, the day after the election, liberals will actually keep liking them forever and ever.

I haven’t seen this many delusional Republicans since somebody slipped LSD into the Mimosas at a Heritage Foundation convention.

Endorsing a candidate from another party is acceptable, but doing it for the neurotic reason of incited atonement under the false promise of eternal brotherhood is indeed pitiful. I keep picturing these “Republicans” smiling happily as they climb aboard a spacecraft unwittingly clutching their “To Serve Man” books.

What we’re witnessing is a somewhat watered-down version of The Oslo Syndrome in American drag — call this The Hope Syndrome — and as of yet there is no known cure.

Update: Dr. Charles Krauthammer opines wonderfully on this same subject here.