The Award for Democrat Organization With the Most Commie Sounding Name Goes To…

When you’re struggling to make your candidate appear to not be a socialist, it seems like the last thing you’d want is an organization name that sounds more fitting an Eastern Bloc communist nation circa the Cold War.

Recently I heard a disclaimer on a political ad, and the name of the group sounds a little out of place without the Soviet National Anthem playing behind it:

“Paid for by the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee

If you pronounce it like this it sounds more apropos: “Zee Demokrottik Steet Centrol Koe-meetee”

This name would have made Reagan cringe more than the time they presented him with the script for Bedtime for Bonzo II.

Suggested tagline: “At the DSCC, ‘Regulated Freedom’ is not a contradiction in terms.”

And don’t forget to visit their sister organization, Tse-ka.


“I’m Nikita Kruschev and I approve this message”


This ad paid for by the Democratic State Central Committee:

Author: Doug Powers

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