President Obama: ‘Hope’ is Found, Now What?

We’ve all heard about hope being lost, but what happens when “hope” is found? Like the age-old question, “What does the dog do when it catches the car?” we’re about to find out what happens when “hope” gets the go-ahead for construction — or destruction, depending on which side of the financial wrecking ball you’re on.

Having won the White House and a large congressional majority, the Democrats are in the midst of a huge celebration, so it will be quite a while before liberals will realize something: When their Shangri-La, pie-in-the-sky socialist grand visions tank, and they will, there will be nobody left to blame. But they’ll blame somebody else anyway — because people who like to “spread the wealth around” like to “spread the blame around” even more.

We will soon have the most leftist President ever, and arguably the most liberal Congress ever. But the real blame for this mess lies with… Republicans. The GOP nominated the weakest possible candidate who’s been tied to more liberals than a life vest on the Mya. I don’t buy the use of George W. Bush as a scapegoat for McCain’s loss. McCain’s loss is due to the fact that McCain was the nominee. Anything else is a weak excuse from a party that isn’t learning its lesson.

In February I called John McCain “the next Bob Dole.” Unfortunately that has come to fruition, minus the pen. Will Republicans ever learn their lesson? I doubt it — if we were that astute, we wouldn’t have nominated “the next Bob Dole” just twelve years after we nominated the first Bob Dole.

All I can say before heading off to bed tonight is this: Joe the Plumber, enjoy your extensive audit.

Update: Republican Consultant Alex Castellanos summed it up last night: “If Republicans can’t beat a lunatic like Al Franken we’re in bad shape.”

Republicans had better do some soul-searching, and fast. The Party isn’t not over yet, but the punch bowl certainly has been pooped in.

Author: Doug Powers

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