I Can See McCain Scapegoats From My House

I’ve changed my position on drilling in Alaska because I’ve come to the conclusion that it might disturb or displace the scapegoats that inhabit the area.

On October 19th, a piece I wrote entitled “Sarah Palin: GOP Fall Girl?” appeared at the American Thinker. I made what was half prediction and half speculation that Sarah Palin would be used as the scapegoat for a McCain loss.

Not to brag, but I’m going to change my name to Nostradamus just for one day.

The “Blame Palin” thing is happening within the Republican Party — specifically McCain’s people — and big time. Sarah Palin’s now being painted as some sort of Wasillabilly primadonna with a bad temper and worse intellect. According to the media, “McCain insiders” and aides are saying that Palin refused to prep for interviews, didn’t know Africa was a continent and couldn’t name the NAFTA member nations. These accusations are rounded off by finger-pointing at the “embarrassment” of Palin’s daughter’s non-abortion and random complaints about Todd Palin.

My only reaction is this: If Sarah Palin really couldn’t name the countries in NAFTA and didn’t know Africa was a continent, what does this say about the McCain campaign’s vetting process? In other words, “Who’s the idiot?”

If these stories are true and these huge intellectual shortcomings were overlooked, ignored or unnoticed by the McCain camp, then they didn’t deserve to win.

If these stories are not true and they’re being manufactured by McCain’s people for some major resume-saving CYA at the expense of a good person and her family, then they didn’t deserve to win.

As for me, Palin was the major reason I voted for McCain. Besides, all other things being equal, I’ll side with a conservative who may not know Africa is a continent over a chronically bipartisan moderate who thinks that the reason it’s hot there is because of my car.


“Scapegoat? You betcha!”

Update: This post is now up at the American Thinker. Click here for the post and reader comments at the AT.

Author: Doug Powers

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