Obamapology, Episode 1

Barack Obama has made his first in what’s bound to be a long line of apologies. As you may have heard, the President-Elect called Nancy Reagan to apologize for making a “seance” crack at his first news conference since being elected president.

Why am I guessing that Obama gaffes and subsequent apologies are going to be almost daily occurrences? Since their election, Barack’s making Joe Biden look like a half-stepper in the gaffe department — no easy task.

Nearly overlooked in all this “picking on Nancy’s spirituality” stuff is the fact that Hillary Clinton once said that she’d “channelled” Eleanor Roosevelt. Why does that sound so… believable… ya know what I mean? It must have made Lorena Hickock jealous as hell, that’s for sure.

Here’s The One’s “careless” comment, as Obama’s team, including Jennifer Granholm, who is the architect of one of the nation’s worst economies but who has been tapped to advise Obama on economics, looks on while the rest of us prepare to conduct a seance to contact our dearly departed nation:

Author: Doug Powers

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