Liberal Laugh of the Day: An Anti-War SecDef?

nullLiberals, including Sen. Harry Reid and Code Pink (today’s redundancy is brought to you by Captain Morgan Spiced Rum! Got a little Captain in you?), are supporting the idea of Barack Obama nominating an anti-war voice to replace Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense.

Isn’t asking a president to look for an anti-war Secretary of Defense a little like encouraging the dairy to hire a lactose intolerant milkman? Of course it is, so this is where a little sleight-of-hand with the name of the department comes into play.

The next step is for liberals to change the name from the Department of Defense to the Department of Peace so as to avoid any “Anti-war Secretary of Defense” silliness. You may have seen the “Department of Peace” slogan adorning the brittle bumpers of any number of hybrid cars with drivers who are from the Kucinich wing of the Moonbat Corps.

Unfortunately, the world has yet to see a single tin-pot wingnut or murderous thug brought down by a bumper sticker, protest sign or bed-in, so I’m not sold the effectiveness of 1960’s liberalism against 21st century tyranny and aggression.

Of course, pacifism usually has less to do with “world peace,” and more to do with pushing Marxist-Leninist, or some wacky off-shoot thereof, political agendas. Those who seek to create Communist/Socialist/Maoist Shangri La’s who operate under the guise of “pacifism” are, in actuality, among the biggest warmongers of them all, because the forms of government they promote are historically the most aggressively militarized human rights nightmares on the planet.

Then again, somebody ignorant enough to believe that world peace in the absence of sane strength is even possible would almost certainly be naive enough to accept the idea that Communism without the iron boot is the next great fashion trend. This notion needs to be put down before it becomes a full-blown fad.

An anti-war SecDef? Hey, what’s Phil Donahue doing these days? I can see that happening.

Author: Doug Powers

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