Auto Neurotic Asphyxiation

Let me get this straight… last year, Nancy Pelosi tells the House Science and Technology Committee that greenhouse gas emissions must be cut in half by 2050 via mandatory restrictions or we’ll all be dead — and this year she wants to pass legislation that will hand over billions of taxpayer dollars to the auto industry so they can keep making the vehicles that are spewing the greenhouse gases that are killing us all?

I disagree on both counts. All we need to do to save humanity is to put a cap on the congressional paradox emissions that are dangerously close to suffocating the entire country.

Update: Obama might appoint an “auto czar.” Hopefully this will come at the expense of getting rid of the drug czar, because we may need ready and unguarded access to heavy narcotics in the coming years.

Update II: If Obama really wants to help Detroit, he should start by appointing a “Lions czar.”

Author: Doug Powers

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