SoS: Dick on Hillary

nullCan you believe that Dick Morris is actually expressing astonishment over the possibility that Barack Obama might choose Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? If you ingest too much lead-based toenail polish, these things are bound to happen.

Of course Obama would be giving up a huge amount of power by letting liberal foxes freely roam the socialist henhouse! It wouldn’t make sense for Obama to do that, but there’s a good reason that Hillary jumped in line to support him so readily, and it wasn’t just to be a “good soldier.” In Washington, loyalty isn’t something that’s earned — it’s a commodity that’s sold.

You’re right, Obama’s in a pickle, Dick. If he doesn’t offer Hillary a prominent post, she’ll make trouble. If he does, she’ll make trouble.

I’m sure Bill’s lobbying like crazy for Hillary to be appointed SoS. Do you realize how much she’d be out of the country? YeeHawwww!

Author: Doug Powers

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