Censorship By Another Name: The Fairness Doctrine in a Dress and Lipstick

At the American Thinker today, Jim Boulet, Jr. outlines how Obama and the liberals in Congress will not pursue a “Fairness Doctrine” in order to curb conservative rule of the talk radio airwaves. Don’t get too excited though, because it’s just a matter of dressing it differently and changing its name.

Goodbye Fairness Doctrine, hello “Localism.” Read Boulet’s article for the whole scary story about the kind of politics that used to be reserved for banana republics.

Using the FCC to forward a minority agenda (“minority” in the political sense, not the racial sense) on the airwaves is often used, and is an effective tool. Having managed a CBS afilliated television station, I can attest to the havoc one jerk with an agenda or just plain too much free time can wreak via letters to the FCC. I can only imagine what an organized effort could accomplish with radio stations at the local level. No wonder the left was dying to nominate an experienced “community organizer.”

The coming censorship and assault on free speech will have to be stopped with a ferocity that many anti-gun laws have been put down, perhaps in much the same way. When this madness starts moving forward, as it will soon, we must all contact Congress and paraphrase a classic line from one of America’s great patriots:


Author: Doug Powers

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