The Soumashank Redemption

Actor Tim Robbins, life-long uber-liberal and husband of whiffle-skulled Susan Sarandon, was disenfranchised on Election Day. Proof of the existence of a benevolent God? I thought so, but not according to Robbins.

He’s ticked off and he wrote a letter to the head of the New York Board of Elections, Gregory Soumas, that started off with this sentence:

I would like to publicly apologize for being such a dim-witted dilettante on Election Day.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, Tim. You’re not a dilettante!

Robbins went on to call Soumas a “petty vindictive corrupt scumbag.” But I prefer to call him “hero.”


New York Board of Elections Chief Gregory Soumas, above right, informs Tim Robbins that he won’t be voting

Author: Doug Powers

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