Happy Tanks-giving, Guns & Roses

The new Guns & Roses album “Chinese Democracy,” which has been in the works so long that the joke going around was that there would actually be democracy in China by the time it was released, has predictably chapped the totalitarian chopsticks of the Chinese government:

A newspaper published by China’s ruling Communist Party is blasting the latest Guns N’ Roses album as an attack on the Chinese nation.
In an article Monday headlined “American band releases album venomously attacking China,” the Global Times said unidentified Chinese Internet users had described the album as part of a plot by some in the West to “grasp and control the world using democracy as a pawn.”

In order to get any state-sponsored air play in China, G&R would have had to include a song like “It’s hip to be Tiananmen Square.”

If the sarcastic title of the album rankles the Chi-Coms, just wait until they hear the songs, like “Sweet One-Child Policy O’ Mine,” “Knockin’ on Mao’s Door” “Welcome to the Jiang Goal” and “Live and Tibet Die.”

Part of my life philosophy is very simple: “If it makes a communist mad, it can’t be all bad.” To that end, I think I’ll like the new G&R stuff.

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is a writer, editor and commentator covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint with an occasional shot of irreverence and a chaser of snark. Townhall Media writer/editor. MichelleMalkin.com alum. Bowling novice. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan. Contact: WriteDoug@Live.com.