Screw It, Tax Big Oil to Death

I’m done defending oil company idiots from government idiots.

I hope oil companies, in particular Exxon, are taxed to death in coming years as fair retrubution for this kind of statement:

Exxonmobil corp., the world’s largest crude oil refiner, supports taxing carbon dioxide as the most efficient way of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, its chief executive said.

I’ve written about the idiocy of Windfall Profits Taxes on oil companies, but to hell with it — Congress, tax Exxon until they go under. I don’t care anymore. I’ll walk.

The stupidity in imposing Windfall Profits Taxes is that they simply get passed along to consumers, but the oil company loses me when their pre-emptive action against forthcoming taxes is to ask Congress to pass them along to consumers before the taxes have even been levied.

Here’s the comical part from Rex Tillerson, the Exxon CEO:

“Such a tax should be made revenue neutral,” he said, which requires other taxes to be lowered so that the overall tax burden isn’t increased.

Right. What planet is this guy on?

Author: Doug Powers

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