Palin Criticized for Not Wanting to Waste More Money

Maybe Sarah Palin’s critics were right to say she doesn’t belong in Washington, DC. I mean, with a mindset like this, she has no business being anywhere near that town — just ask Alaska’s newbie Senator:

Alaska’s new Senator Mark Begich says Governor Palin is not asking President-Elect Obama for enough help in the nearly trillion dollar stimulus package he has proposed to rebuild the nation’s economy.
Begich says in an estimated $800 billion dollar economic recovery package he wants to know why Palin is only asking for about $150 million dollars.

“I think the 4 projects she’s identified, in my view, is not enough.” Begich says

To which Palin replied, in part, this:

“…beyond my purview as Governor, I also urge you to consider how the economic stimulus package will affect the national debt and the future economic health of the country.”

If Begich insists on more “stimulus” waste, Palin should suggest a paradoxical fifth project: $100 million to establish an “endangered species act” for politicians who don’t instinctively waste money.

Author: Doug Powers

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