Rush’d Assumptions Proven Wrong

The media and blogosphere was abuzz with chatter after it was learned that George Will was having a dinner at his Maryland home Tuesday night, and among the invited were conservative columnists, Barack Obama, and there rumored to be a special appearance by Rush Limbaugh.

Rumors that Rush would be at the Tuesday night dinner were fueled by the appearance of a guest-host on Rush’s Tuesday show.

In spite of the anticipation brought about by the possibility of an Obama/Limbaugh meeting, Rush wasn’t at George Will’s dinner, but instead attended a “Medal of Freedom” ceremony at the White House. The Medals were presented to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

It wasn’t a surprise to me that Rush didn’t go to Will’s dinner. Anybody who listens to Rush knows that his modus operandi isn’t to plead with the opposition, but rather to attempt to strengthen his own team. Limbaugh knows that the reason Democrats are winning is because they have inadequate competition from the right, not because Democrats need to be convinced to be more conservative (what’s that definition of insanity again?)

People will be disappointed that the Obama/Limbaugh meeting didn’t come to pass, but Rush made the right call. Spending an evening honoring those who helped maintain freedom is more productive than a night spent over lobster bisque arguing in futility the case against socialism with a socialist.

I do, however, hope that Dr. Limbaugh had time to perform a cojone enhancement on certain Republican members of Congress before leaving town.

Author: Doug Powers

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