Security Camera Video of US Airways River Landing

Here’s an amazing video of the US Airways jet landing in the Hudson River. I’ve seen other angles, but not this one that captures the plane as it comes to a stop and the passengers are evacuated.

Watch at about 2:00 in as the plane splashes down in the river. It’s a little hard to make out at first, but what’s amazing is that, in the split seconds it took for the camera to zoom in, the flight crew had already gotten many people out of the plane.

What I didn’t know was that the plane didn’t land down the length of the river, but rather from bank-to-bank, which makes the landing even more amazing:

(Note: If the video doesn’t appear below, here’s a direct link to it on YouTube)

Update: Did a Sen. Charles Schumer earmark bring down the US Airways flight? NRO’s Greg Pollowitz asks that question here.

Author: Doug Powers

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