SNL Misses a Tackle on Ann Coulter

Normally I can get a good laugh when my own side gets poked fun at on SNL or anywhere else, as long as it’s funny, based at least somewhat in the truth, and not just ad hominem meat for the other side. Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin is a good example.

Saturday’s Ann Coulter knock is a swing and a miss at worst, and a swing and a foul ball at best. Maybe I was just disappointed that it’s a little mild. Defending George W. Bush and cracks about Coulter’s need to eat a sammich? Bland. Maybe all the SNL writers who would have had the Coulter character calling for gays to be hanged, for a return to slavery and for the homeless to be executed are all in DC for the inauguration.

You be the judge:

Author: Doug Powers

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