Obama Family Lawbreakers Get Diplomatic Immunity (Update: Not Any More)

Have you ever heard of non-government officials and non-diplomats getting “diplomatic immunity”? Now you have. I call this Hopelomatic Immunity:

A rule quietly imposed by the Bush administration right before Barack Obama was elected president remains in place.

It requires immigration agents to get approval from higher-ups before arresting fugitives in cases where the arrest might generate what Homeland Security terms “negative media or congressional interest.”

The department’s directive was issued October 31st, hours before The Associated Press disclosed the illegal status of Obama’s aunt from Kenya.

So if you happen to be a relative or friend of President Obama and you find yourself in some legal trouble, do not panic! Simply call the Department of Homeland Security, who will in turn call President Obama. After you’re issued one of these shirts, the entire country will be your own personal safe house:


Don’t worry, Auntie Onyango — they make ’em for women, too!

At least Obama’s aunt can stop running now:


Update: Start running again, Auntie! The AP has issued a correction and is now saying that the “must have high level approval before arresting” rule was lifted weeks after the election and is no longer in effect.

Author: Doug Powers

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