Freudian Slip of the Day: Obama Unwittingly Highlights Problem with Government ‘Solutions’

One sentence in President Obama’s words to reporters (video here) — in which he called Wall Street “shameful” for accepting taxpayer bailout money while continuing to dole out huge bonuses — struck me as an honestly fitting Freudian slip coming from a politician:

“We’ve got a big hole we’ve got to dig ourselves out of.”

In that one sentence we’re shown why government solutions usually only perpetuate problems. When we’re in a hole, they want to keep digging. At least this explains why China holds so much of our debt — we’re tunneling it straight to them.

“Dig yourself out of a hole” is a common saying, but this is wildly counter-productive whenever the government tries to do it, because they only know one direction to dig: straight down. This is why, to me at least, Obama’s words were more Freudian Slip than metaphor.

Author: Doug Powers

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