Bush Derangement Syndrome, Post Presidency Edition: Top 10 Reactions to Crowd Cheering

Bush is out of office, but the Derangement Syndrome lives on.

Former President Bush and his wife were recently wildly cheered at a basketball game they attended in Texas. Wait — Bush. Cheered? What gives? That can’t happen, can it?

Bush also appeared to tear up during the National Anthem.

Some lefties were befuddled at the crowd reaction, but not for long. Readers at the Huffington Post soon came up with their own theories.

My personal favorites are all those who say that “Respect is earned and Bush never earned mine” who nonetheless find themselves sitting in a wet spot at the mere mention of the empty word “hope.”

So, without further adieu, here are the top ten HuffPo reactions to Bush’s warm reception:

10. Texas deserves this cretin.

9. Wish I was there so I could spill my beer on him. He let people believe a lie and still does. This is how scoundrels are received?

8. I’d be crying too if I screwed up the country as much as he did.

7. Texans = DELUSIONAL

6. I guess the almost complete destruction of America warms the black piece of solid waste in the middle of his chest – that space where a humans heart is. And the hood wearing religious freaks there love him.

5. No tears for the many men, women and children he sent to their early deaths. But he cries over the National Anthem. What a patriot!

4. One day President Bush will be vindicated. The day will surely come. By then, you guys will see that Barack Obama was all talk . . . because HOPE is not a policy, it’s just a feeling. (wait, how did this one get in there?)

3. Every day this traitorious mass murder is allowed to remain a free man mocks our system of justice and calls to question our fitness to be call a civilized society.

2. Let’s get this guy in an open motorcade driving slowly through Dealey Plaza.

1. I wish it was Laura crying — because he decided to off himself.

I’m so glad the party of caring and compassion has finally assumed full power and are in the position to recognize and act against true evil, aren’t you?

Here’s the video again, just to help drive them even crazier than they already are:

Author: Doug Powers

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