Al Sharpton Accuses Duke Lacrosse Players of Drawing ‘Chimp/Stimulus’ Cartoon

Just breaking on PNN, the official satire wire of this website:

NEW YORK (PNN): The controversial cartoon that appeared in the New York Post featuring police shooting a chimp to death accompanied by the caption, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill,” has drawn fire from the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Sharpton called the cartoon an “egregious example of racism disguised as humor.” The Reverend went on to further express the reasons for his anger: “‘Humor’ like this has no place in modern society, because it perpetuates negative racial stereotypes and pits race against race while causing innocent people to be harmed in the process.”

Sharpton then went on to theorize that the cartoon was “probably drawn by certain players from the Duke Lacrosse team.” He offered little evidence for the accusation, other than to say “a certain stripper I know tipped me off.”

Sharpton also read a statement written by his friend, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, in which Jackson castigated the Duke lacrosse players for drawing the racist cartoon. In the statement released through Sharpton, Jackson said that if he hadn’t been away at a week-long “family values” retreat with the daughter he had with his mistress, he’d have been at Sharpton’s side during the cartoon crisis.

Sharpton said that one of his friends whose feelings were hurt by the racist cartoon is Tawana Brawley. “Tawana loves President Obama,” said Sharpton. “And the fact that some white lacrosse players drew a racist cartoon about the author of the most glorious hunk of government spending this nation has ever seen should be an affront to all Americans with a vested interest in civil rights!”

When reporters reminded Sharpton that bills are authored by Congress and not the president, the Reverend accused those reporters of being racist Duke lacrosse players and stormed out of the room.

More on this story as information becomes available.

Author: Doug Powers

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