Gitmo Reconsidered

Rep. Peter King has a good op-ed in the New York Post today called “The Real Gitmo.” King visited the American detention center at Guantanamo Bay and is arguing against its closure.

Here’s a paragraph that gets to the crux of the place that is the liberals’ prime example of how horrible the American military is when it comes to human rights:

Detainees at Guantanamo are treated far better than most American prisoners in the US jails and prisons I’ve inspected over the years. The unfounded accusations that are so regularly and cavalierly made about Guantanamo are a slander against the brave men and women of our armed forces, who perform their duties at that facility so professionally and under such duress.

More details on Gitmo the left routinely leaves out of their horror reports:

* Detainees get three full meals a day with a choice of menu.

* Each detainee receives a Koran and a prayer rug.

* Arrows throughout the facility point toward Mecca.

* Detainees receive full medical treatment – including psychiatric services. There is one medical personnel for every two detainees.

* Detainees who comply with regulations are allowed out of their cells for 16 to 20 hours a day and participate in various recreational and educational activities including soccer, language training and art classes.

* Noncompliant detainees – including the hardest of the hard core – are allowed out of their cells for four to seven hours a day. (It was particularly galling to observe a vicious terrorist reclining in the sun like a Palm Beach retiree.)

* Detainees have access to live TV, books and two daily Arab newspapers plus USA Today. (I suppose it would be inhumane to subject them to The New York Times.)

* Detainees are allowed to confer to discuss courtroom strategy.

* Guards within the facility are not armed and are regularly subjected to abuse and harassment, including having human feces and urine thrown at them.

If we do close Gitmo, I propose moving these wrongly accused saints to the Democrat Cloak Room in the Capitol. This could solve a whole bunch of problems at the same time.

Author: Doug Powers

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